Kind Words

The world, love and relationships are just so beautiful through his eyes

People say wedding videos are a waste of money and that you will never watch it again after the first viewing. That is probably because they didn’t have a cinematographer like Derek. The world, love and relationships are just so beautiful through his eyes. Be open with him and accept that he will capture you and showcase your story in the most beautiful way. He even managed to make my goofiness appear lovable.

I’ll tell you why a good videographer is important. He’ll capture the essence of your wedding that mere photos cannot. As a bride, I missed so many things that went on during my own wedding. Watching my wedding allowed me to take in everything, it made me smile to see how everyone was having a good time. I loved watching the speeches again. I watched my own chinese gatecrashing. More importantly, it will be a great memory you can share with your children. It will also one day be a reminder of your love at the very beginning.

Tell Derek what you want. He is very professional. I challenged him to his very first Same Day Edit. He rose to the challenge and surprised me with one that moved my guests to tears and laughter. He surprised me at how good he was at story telling and creatively choreographing our movie. Oh, and I watched the DVD right after he hand delivered the shortened video – the music he chose brought me back to the day I got married. Now I truly understand why he is a national award winner. 

Jay + Lorraine

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful and talented work you created

Alan and I got our wedding film and we just want to let you know how AMAZED we are with your work!!! Engaging Urban Light to film our special day was by far the best investment we ever made for our wedding and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful and talented work you created! In fact, we remenber having a great time on the day and everything being a blur but when I get to watch our film it’s as if I am experiencing that special day all over again and I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have the opportunity to see the things we couldn’t. From the finer details of the ceremony, decorations, car, reception etc to facial expressions, you just caught all of our best and most memorable moments on film and we are loving it!

Thank you Derek and Team!

Alan + Stephanie

A video that completely challenged our memories of the day

We searched high and low for a videographer to capture our weddings (plural) and ended up finding Urban Light, who delivered a video that completely challenged our memories of the day.  Our video shows all the moments that we had forgotten about or missed… the time spent getting ready, our nervous laughter as we read our vowels and our friends mingling and meeting new friends.  Contrast this with our memories of running around doing last minute things, one of us losing our vows before the ceremony and trying to fix power cuts during the reception.  Needless to say they’re all memories, but Urban Light have reminded us of all the fun we had on the day, memories which would’ve been so much harder to remember without our video.


Andrew + Bhavia

We are so extremely happy

Dear Derek,

Thank you very much for your wonderful work that you did on our special day. You and your crew were so professional and friendly. You made us feel very comfortable while you were filming and it was like you were not even there! We are so extremely happy with our video because you captured all the funny and happy parts, as well as our love and you put together the video together so perfectly, The day went by so quickly so when we watched our video we relieved that day all over again and saw some things that we forgot or didn’t even get to see. You are one talented videographer and we are so pleased that we chose you to share our wedding day with us.

Shannon & Paul